CodeCube Brothers Privacy Policy 1.1
Last updated 11/01/2017

Our games does not collect any personally identifiable information from you mobile device. Our services using third party services and tools which collect information about you. This information may include location data, device identifier, platform, device type, operating system as well as how often you use the Services, the events that occur within the Services, aggregated usage and performance data.  We use this information to analyze and improve our Services as well as providing the functionality of the Services.

Third Party Services

Depending on which version of the game or application you're using, it may connect to our own server or some third party ad networks to retrieve advertising. All the ad networks included to the games using Advertising ID, when available on device and follow advertising rules descripted on store policy. Information about ad impressions, taps and installs are collected for statistical purposes.

Cloud Service

When game will use cloud service to save game state and progress, then you'll have an option to sign in with your twitter, facebook or cloud service game account. When you are using some of these accounts, game can identify you and save game progress to cloud server. You also have an option not to use accounts when you are using our games, but then it's inpossible save game state or game progress to the server. Account information not given any third parties. Here is link to PlayFab privacy policy

Google or Unity Analytics

We also may use Google or Unity Analytics to gather aggregated usage data to help us improve our app. We do not collect any personally identifiable information.
Heres a link to Googles privacy policy
Heres a link to Unity Analytics Terms of Service

In-App Purchase

When you make an in-app purchase, the app store for your device may collect personal information from you. Here are links to the relevant privacy policies for each marketplace:

Facebook and Twitter

Some features in our games allows you to share information on Facebook and Twitter. You may review their privacy policies here:

Leaderboards and Achievements

Games are using different game services depending on your device. Apple Game Center, Google Play Game Service or Amazon Game Circle. Here are links to the relevant privacy policies for each game serivce:
Game Center:
Game Circle:
Google Play Games:

Survey Serving Technology

When app uses Pollfish SDK. Pollfish is an on-line survey platform, through which, anyone may conduct surveys. Pollfish collaborates with developers of applications for smartphones in order to have access to users of such applications and address survey questionnaires to them. When a user connects to this app, a specific set of user’s device data (including Advertising ID which will may be processed by Pollfish only in strict compliance with google play policies- and/or other device data) and response meta-data (including information about the apps which the user has installed in his mobile phone) is automatically sent to Pollfish servers, in order for Pollfish to discern whether the user is eligible for a survey. For a full list of data received by Pollfish through this app, please read carefully Pollfish respondent terms located at These data will be associated with your answers to the questionnaires whenever Pollfish sents such questionnaires to eligible users. By downloading the application you accept this privacy policy document and you hereby give your consent for the processing by Pollfish of the aforementioned data. Furthermore, you are informed that you may disable Pollfish operation at any time by using the Pollfish opt out section available on Pollfish website. We once more invite you to check the respondent’s terms of use, if you wish to have more detailed view of the way Pollfish works.


Android Permissions:
The following is an explanation of the required permissions to install our games or applications from the Google Play store.

   Needs access to internet to retrieve items for game or application.
   In app purchase is available for purchasing game or application items.

   Needed to save the game or application progress or settings.

   Used to check if an internet connection is available.

   Used to check if an internet connection is available before retrieving game or application items.

   Used to detect whether phone is calling. NOT USED for getting phone number or any other personal information.

   Used to log into Google Game Services.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific concerns or questions about your privacy when playing our games.