Solitaire All In One Update

September 22, 2017 ButcherBolzi 2 comments

We are working on update for Solitaire All In One game. We are releasing update soon, but this release does not containing all the games which was included originally, rest of games added back to shortly. We have a plans to rename our game, so after release it will be found a name at Pandora’s Solitaire Collection. Currently we are finalizing games which are included on this release and some other features on game. If we don not find any bugs or game review does not last too long, then the update has been released within a couple of weeks.

2 Comments on “Solitaire All In One Update

  1. will this be compatible with iOS 11.0.2?
    willing to pay a little for this. the game i like the best is penguin.
    would pay for that game in a standalone app.

    1. We release an upgrade that is compatible with the latest iOS version. Unfortunatelly, according to the new rules, we can no longer publish a single card game to iOS. So, all of our card games will be placed in this card game package. We have to finalize a couple more things before we can release the update, but I think that will happen within a few days.

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