June 4, 2016

Time for the new games soon

It’s been a while when we last time released new game, so I’m happy to announce that we can release new games quite soon. We are designed many new games during the past year and many of them is already done by gaming part, but necessary plugins are not finished. Currently we are taking last final steps to finishing them and after that we are starting to publish new games. We’ll have many really good games waiting for publishing and we are exited to see how much people like them.

Some of our new games are real gems, so we hope that gamers will find them in stores and hopefully some game video bloggers can make some reviews.

One of our new game is a game packet, which contains more than forty games and many of them are really good. I will tell more on our games when these are published.

Our purpose is publish these games at multiple stores (Google Play, Apple Store and Amazon Store at first and later on Windows Store and hopefully XBox One too).

Hopefully you will check our games time to time, because waiting is almost over. I wish everyone a great summer and summer holidays.

April 21, 2016

Site is under construction

It’s time to update our homepage. So within next weeks our site will get new look and landing pages for the games.