July 26, 2017

What are best devices to play games

Playing games with devices is quite easy. Touch controls are effective on mobile games, but many times screen size is most meaningful on mobile games.Ā If device screen is small your eyes may be strained if the characters in the game are too small. Most of games are notices this and try to optimize size of characters for mobile devices, but this is not always possible, if your game area or world is large.

Best handheld devices for games are tablets and if you playing games then we recommended to use tablets for games. All our games are universal games on iOS, so it will work on phones and tablets. So find the best gaming devices iOS here and Android here.

July 20, 2017

Spinny Arrow released

We are released new game Spinny Arrow to iOS. This is small casual game which is fun and challenging game. In this game you are controlling small arrow which move forward every time when you touch a screen. Hard part is that arrow spinning all the time, so you have to timing your touches that arrow moving correct direction. Your goal is to move forward and go middle of ports without colliding these. Really fun game, but you will need some practice. šŸ™‚

Download from Apple Store

We try to release this game on Google Play Store very soon, but currently we are working hard on advertising plugin for Universal Windows platform, so we can start to release games for PC and XBox One.

May 25, 2017

In App Purchases

Because seems that sometimes users have some problems with in app purchases, I will give some guidance for using in app purchases. We did have in app purchases almost every game that we have released and this is good way to get more features to the game or get rid of ads.

Sometimes when you update or need to install new version on the game, you might notice that ads are back or ur purchased item is missing. This don’t mean that you have lost this item, you always own these kind of products. Every game and application have a restore method which you can use to restore your purchases. So you need to find this restore button and most of times this is there where you can make a purchases. And even if you try to purchase product which you already own, system will report this and you can get the product back without a payment.

If you still have a problem via restore system, then first check you have connected to the network. If you still have a problems then contact publisher support. This method is applied to iOS apps and games.

So if you have a problems with in app purchases or any other features, please take contact our support support@ccbrothers.com, we try to response soon as possible. šŸ™‚

May 22, 2017

More Game Updates

We have released two updates currently. Klondike Solitaire Hearts & Spades Patience was a first and second was Spider Solitaire Hearts & Spades Patience. Currently Forty Thieves Hearts & Spades Patience is on the review andĀ hopefully it will be available within a couple of days.


Making updates for all the solitaire games is much bigger process than we first though, but hopefully now everything is going little faster. We have improved many features on these games and it seems that these new features is taken with joy. Hopefully we could improve these games even more eventually.


Please report all the bugs and weird behaviors which you might find, so we could fix these asap. It’s so nice that summer is coming,Ā even we don’t haveĀ time forĀ vacation. šŸ˜‰

April 27, 2017

First game update is out

Finally we have published update for the solitaire game. First game that we updated was Klondike solitaire game. We have changed also name of the game, which is now Klondike Solitaire Hearts & Spades Patience. All theĀ updates follow the same naming style. If you wait update for the some other solitaire game, then you can view changes by looking at this update, because all the designs are same for thisĀ solitaire series. Here is link for the updated game.

We try update all our solitaire games soon as possible. Hopefully itĀ took onlyĀ couple of weeks.