December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year. Year is coming to end and I hope you have time to calm down the holiday period. However, you can reach us throughout the holiday period via email. Thanks a lot for all game players on this Year and remember check out our becoming games and big updates for year 2017. 🙂

December 5, 2016

iOS Message “May slow down your iPhone”

After updated for iOS 10 you may see the message ‘App may slow down your iPhone, The developer of this app needs to update it to improve it’s compatibility’. This inform that app is build 32-bit version and does not support 64-bit, but 64 bit processors are totally capable run these apps just fine. So this message don’t require any action from you and you can use application normally. Even message says it may slow down your iPhone, it’s mean that app itself can run a little slower, not your phone. And slower means that you shouldn’t notice this slow down at any way.
Site notice, we are working hard to get updates out soon as possible. Unfortunately we have some slowdowns on our projects and updates are coming little later what was our first thought. We hope to get first updates out before Christmas, but for this year obstacles nothing is sure.

July 19, 2016

Big Circle Eat Small DotX updated

We have updated the first of our game in a long time. Update release first at Google Play Store, we are working for releases for Apple Store and first time for Amazon Store. We have also changed name of the Big Circle Eat Small Dots, because one of our other get notice for using “dots” in a game name. So it’s way too risky use that word any more any of our games. So we just changed Dots to DotX. Word was trademarked after we have released our game, but we still punished for the using that word. I think whole trademark system is currently screwed up, giving trademarks for common words it’s totally insane.

This is first game which using our updated plugin packages and other new stuff. Even we have tested quite lot of our system, there could be some problems with the system. It’s would great if you can report all the problems which may occurs in the game. Here is direct link for the game.

July 14, 2016

New logo

It’s time to update our logo for the games. Now it’s designed more like game stylish logo and we tried to keep it simple and it still describes our our company. So now there is picture of both of us, images of us are quite accurate. 🙂

This logo would be placed on game splash and loading screens. So, from now on you can recognize our games from this logo. Older games gets this logo when we release updates.


July 12, 2016

New team members

Here is our new team members, they are really hard workers. 🙂 There are worked here now couple months and their names are “Nipsu” and “Nekku”.

WP_20160704_002 WP_20160629_003

And they are best friends together and it’s so much fun to work with them.

WP_20160704_004 WP_20160514_003

They love game types like climbing games and hide and seek games and of course chasing games.