May 25, 2019

Poker Club get new design

Poker Club – The King Of Poker was too much gambling themed even game is skill based card game, so we decided remove the game until new design is ready. Game will be released later with new name and new design. Because game bundle was also poker related, we will release it with new bundle id. Those who had already pre-ordered the game, need to pre-order game again when it’s available. We will give information when it’s available. Sorry for inconvenience.

March 31, 2019

Clear The Blocks – Pop Colors

Clear The Blocks – Pop Colors is puzzle game where your goal is destroy boxes on the table. You play 1 vs 1 puzzle battles against real people and winner is the player who will destroy more boxes that your opponent. Really fun and challenging Skillz puzzle game for you device. It will be available on iOS and Android devices, currently possible pre-order on AppStore. Pre-order now and you can join very early on amazing battles!

February 2, 2019

Color Ring – Cash Tournaments real cash enabled

Good news for all eSports fans. Real cash tournaments are now available in Color Ring – Cash Tournaments. Now you can play against real players. This makes the game even more exciting and rewarding. You really need to at least try the game because it is an exciting and fun game anyway.

You can also play the game with virtual currency, so you don’t have to invest any real money in the game. There are also no annoying ads in the game, so there will be no unnecessary interruptions.

Here is link to Skillz site where you can download the game! (Android version also) or directly on Apple Store below.

December 20, 2018

Logic Box – Brain & Mind Games

Play the 1vs1 battle with a most fun and challenging color puzzle game. Move, Spin and Drop, it’s so addictive and fun to play. This is one of the best skill based competition game, it’s so easy to play, but hard to master. Create awesome combos and make awesome points.

Pre-order now from Apple Store. Play eSports against real people!

December 9, 2018

Paint Box – Match 3 Colors

Second Skillz based game is Paint Box – Match 3 Colors. This is color puzzle game where your goal is to match at least 3 boxes with same color. You get points when you break the boxes, you get more points if you can break more boxes or colors at same time. Breaking boxes in a row increase multiplier, so it is great way to get more points. Simple puzzle game with deep strategy elements!

Paint Box is possible pre-order already. Check it out, eSports against real people!