November 23, 2018

eSports Games

We are going to release multiple eSports (powered by Skillz) games in near future. These eSports games give you possibilities to compete against real players, which make a game more challenging and fun. You can start playing with easy steps and start with virtual currency and later on it’s possible play for real money. For fairness both players will play exactly same level and winner takes a profit.

You can pre-order now our first Skillz powered eSports game Color Ring – Cash Tournaments. This is color ring puzzle game, with a new features which give more strategy elements for the game. Game have no ads, so no disturbing moments by watching videos, just play and have fun. Pre-order now, so you are among of first who can start improve their skills for real tournaments.

September 1, 2018

Rope Heroes Update Is Coming

We will release update to Rope Heroes really soon, which have more instructions how to play the game. Most of users are not using powers, which make it really hard to travel forward. So simple advice is, keep your energy and protein powers at least 70% over minimum. This gives you enough climbing power and you can keep your speed up. This update clearly gives instructions for that. Keeping powers 70% – 100% gives some variations how character behave, which is good in some levels.

After update you will be rewarded by more coins, so you can get more powers to use. Also multiplayer game now gives better instruction where to go, so you can see the round results and final results.

This game is hard at first and need little time to learn to play it. So don’t give up immediately.

Thank you for your feedback.

August 23, 2018

Rope Heroes name change

Because some conflict on game name to other game, we decided to slightly modify name of the game. New name is now Rope Heroes – Hole Runner Game, so the change is not so huge. We also updated our game icon, so that it gives a better picture of the content of the game. Game will be available very soon.

We have plans to add video share option to the next update for the game, so you can share your craziest runs and jumps to your friends. 🙂

Pre-order now!

July 30, 2018

Rope Heroes: The Hangers Game

Rope Heroes is exciting and fun physics game. This game offers lot of features to players, multiple game modes, daily challenge and multiplayer options. You can now pre-order this free game at Apple Store. Be among the first players who can feel the danger when you travel through the caves.

April 16, 2018

Word Pirates – Swipe & Hunt Words

Word Pirates – Swipe & Hunt Words is available on Google Play Store already and possible Pre order on Apple Store. This game is great word game for your device, your goal is to figure out all hidden words. Game contains more than 2500+ levels, so there is plenty of challenge. Game is available at two languages English and Finnish, if you understand both you can play game with both languages.