April 16, 2018

Word Pirates – Swipe & Hunt Words

Word Pirates – Swipe & Hunt Words is available on Google Play Store already and possible Pre order on Apple Store. This game is great word game for your device, your goal is to figure out all hidden words. Game contains more than 2500+ levels, so there is plenty of challenge. Game is available at two languages English and Finnish, if you understand both you can play game with both languages.

You can get game here for Android and here for iOS.

February 9, 2018

Word Soap HQ – Connect Words released

We have great new game for word game addicts. We have released amazing word game for iOS and Android platforms. This is great game to play with phone and tablet. Over 500 hundred levels keep you occupied long time and gives you enjoyable moments. Play alone or with your friends.

Download here for Apple Store or Google Play.

January 19, 2018

Color Sudoku updated

We have updated our Color Sudoku puzzle game on Apple Store, it’s partly renamed and you can find it now Color Sudoku Mint Pastel. Sudoku puzzle is now built new way and it gives much better variations for puzzles. Hopefully you like the changes. Download it here.

December 23, 2017

Pandora’s Solitaire 2.3 available

Update 2.3 is released. In this update, we added awesome solitaire game ‘Castle’ to the Collection. Also some minor fixes has made.

We have also released Android version on Google Play store, so great time to get this solitaire collection on your android phone. 🙂

Download on Apple Store      Download on Google Play Store

December 14, 2017

Pandora’s Solitaire Collection Update 2.2

Update 2.2 is now available. In this update, we have added several languages to the game (Spanish, French, Finnish, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, German). We have added also on new dark background theme and made some changes to winning animation. And of course some bug fixes.

We are working currently with Android version and it should be available quite soon. We have also plans to publish game on Microsoft Store and then game can be played also desktop PCs.

Download on Apple Store