May 16, 2020

Big Win Solitaire is now available.

Join now to the exciting classic Klondike tournaments. Big Win Solitaire is available on Apple Store and also Skillz site for Android devices. Hopefully you like the game. You can find Big Win Solitaire also on facebook and twitter. Invite your friends to play too.

Download for Android

April 29, 2020

Preorder Big Win Solitaire – Klondike

Preorder Big Win Solitaire on Apple Store. Most exciting classic solitaire game with a modern twist. Play head to head with other players or in large multiplayer tournaments. Be among a first players to start practice for the real tournaments. Preorder now and join a journey into the wonderful world of card games.

February 21, 2020

Gold Miner – Match 3 Tycoon is now Available

Join the among of awesome gold miners. Exciting 1 vs 1 match 3 gold mining battle against real players. Who collect most of golds and earn most of points. Lots of features, connect gold items, explode dynamites, use detonators and also use some magic to collect more gold than your opponents. Game is available on Apple Store, Galaxy store and also on directly android on Skillz site.

Skillz Site for Android

January 26, 2020

Pre-order Gold Miner – Match 3 Tycoon

Gold Miner – Match 3 Tycoon is now available on Apple Store. Pre-order now so you are among first to play this awesome match 3 eSports game. You play against real players and take a part amazing tournaments. Easy to learn and hard to master.

October 29, 2019

Preorder Zone 21 – Math Solitaire

Zone 21 – Math Solitaire is possible preorder on Apple Appstore now. This is really fun card game to everyone who likes quick gameplay and fast thinking. It’s amazing how fast you evolve on this game. What’s the goal? The goal is really simple, try to keep foundation value near to 21, if you get 21 you hit the zone and get bonus score. Foundation value can’t go under zero or over 21. First you keep value between these values, but soon you are able to hit the zone very often.